Red Hat Summit - It's worth to be there

Anyone who is interested in open source solutions would like to participate in the Red Hat Summit. Our colleague Łukasz Strzelec, IT Expert, ING Services Polska (ISP), managed to do it.

Red Hat Summit is a yearly event arranged in Boston (USA) dedicated to open source technologies.

“I admit that the conference was arranged professionally”, said Łukasz after getting back from the event. “Everything was described in detail and well-organised. There were more than 1,000 participants so effective organization was essential in making the event successful. A mobile application turned out to be an interesting solution supporting the conference participants”, added Łukasz.

However, the most important thing was the opportunity to meet Red Hat professionals who create Red Hat products. Thanks to meetings like that ISP can take a chance to develop their products in use. At the same time, the conference members could discuss with the product owners any problems noticed referring to the tools in use.

“I talked to Jim Whitehurst who manages Red Hat with Thomas Cameron, chief Red Hat architect.”, mentions Łukasz. “We were wondering together how the world of new open source technologies keeps changing our environment.”

Presence at such a prestigious conference is also a chance for ISP to get the latest technology updates and, as a result, to incorporate them into their resources. It is particularly important in case of a company that needs to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and products available on the market. The conference participants took the opportunity to get familiar with new Red Hat products, such as: OpenStack, CloudForms, Atomic, MBaaS or Satellite 6. “Technologies like that are worth getting to know, although ISP has not implemented them, who knows if our service consumers would ask about them one day”, sums up Łukasz.


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