100% Agile, 110% bees

Agile By Example 2019 – the next edition of one of the biggest international conferences in Poland focused on Agile has come to the history! Read what was happening during this 3-day event in which we took part as a Platinum Sponsor.

ABE is a significant conference for us, because for the first time we took part in the event in 2017, when our agile journey had just begun. As for the last few years we have gathered a lot of knowledge and experience, this year we decided to engage at ABE in a wide range of activities, starting from the title of the Platinum Sponsor of the conference, through exclusive partnership of Dojo (workshops with agile specialists) to sponsorship of Afterparty.

Additionally, one of our Tribe Leads, Mariusz Sosna took part in the Ask the Expert session, so participants of the conference could talk to him about our transformation and scaling agile from ING Tech Poland’s perspective. 

The stand full of life

Almost 500 participants took part in the 3-day event. Most of them stopped by our stand for a little chat. It was creating a perfect atmosphere for networking and exchanging the experience. Krzysztof Kosacki, our Senior Agile Coach was in his element, answering the questions and satisfying the thirst for knowledge of the participants. But not only! Our colleagues participating in the conference were involved in discussions during coffee breaks as well.

Outstanding bee approach

Our pilot action - #BeeTech #BeeAgile has definitely helped attract the participants to come to our stand. Under the bee initiative we gave up on producing plastic and redundant gadgets, replacing them by honey jars and help possibility.

The scheme was very simple: everyone who visited our stand and exchanged a few words or took a picture with our special bee frame, received a honey jar and topped up by 2 PLN the budget we are going to use for our own beehive adoption. The action gained so much sympathy from the organizers that they decided to announce our initiative from the main stage at the conference. The experiment was successful – during two days 150 people helped the bees! Therefore, we are sure we are going to carry on with our charity goal in the upcoming events. Stay tuned, we will inform you about next actions like this! :)

Agile in the fast lane

We came to Agile by Example with a few purposes. We wanted to present the audience results of our transformation that had been made for some years, get to know their experience, build ING Tech Poland brand and check out how the market reacts to changes. What we have noticed is that since our first time on ABE the knowledge of the participants and other companies transforming to agile organizations has increased. The proves are interesting discussions we had as well as pertinent and detailed questions that participants asked us about our agile journey. Plus, other industries are joining the agile family – even one of the biggest breweries bases its production on Agile! One is certain – the wheel is turning and we don’t slack off!


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