Summer Saturdays at ING Tech Poland

2 Saturdays, over 1400 participants and 12 hours of fun – that’s how we can describe this year’s edition of Let’s Unite. But we know that this event is so much more! 

Let’s Unite is a great opportunity for our employers to show their loved ones where they work. That’s why we opened our offices for their family and friends for the third time. The participants could spice up their tour by taking part in an outdoor game, check their knowledge on ecology and take a “Stay Safe” quiz. Participants could let their imagination run wild and create rhymes that turned out to be a smashing hit! As always their creative minds astonished us! Another fun activities were creating “ING” lettering using random objects and drawing parents while at work.

In Hyde Park avid athletes had a chance to take a bicycle challenge and test how much energy they could produce in 2 minutes! The best results were: among men 10,34 WH, among women 7,25 Wh and among kids 5,48Wh. Within two days participants managed to produce over 1000Wh!

We prepared more than just in-door activities. In our courtyards there were attractions like Eurobungee, inflatable slide, animations for kids and car races that conquered hearts of young car lovers. We also served delicious cocktails and food. To cu the long story short, there was a lot of fun!

During this edition of Let’s Unite we decided to be more ecofriendly. We tried our best to reduce plastic and paper waste to minimum. Drinks and food were served in ecological and biodegradable packaging. We encouraged our workers to bring their own water bottles and we were very pleased with the positive feedback we received from our employees. Even the prizes for participant of our outdoor game were ecofriendly - we prepared canvas shopping bags and wooden jo-jo’s. The latter was a treat for both, our little ones and a little bit bigger partakers.

But that’s not all – the participants of the event joined the “Wkręćmy się w pomaganie” charity initiative. Thanks to them we collected over 20 kilograms of plastic bottle caps. Not only did we help our environment but, most importantly, we helped Michał.

Great reception, high frequency during both events and the smiling faces of our participants were the best proof that it was all worth it! :)


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