RiskHub, our new unit, is officially open!

ING Tech Poland has expanded its business activities. Today we’re celebrating the official opening of RiskHub – a new unit in Warsaw.

RiskHub offers a new business service that was launched at ING Tech Poland thanks to trust of ING Group. As a Modelling Expertise Centre, RiskHub will shape the future of risk modelling and data science in Poland.

Today ING Tech Poland is celebrating the official opening of RiskHub. On that occasion 50 ING representatives from the risk area has come to our office in Warsaw. The event programme included symbolic ribbon cutting, interviews, speeches, office tour and presentations prepared by RiskHub squads. The meeting at ING Tech Poland in Warsaw was a great chance to get to know people that our employees work with remotely on a daily basis. 

The new service is made up of an international team that works on global projects. Undoubtedly, RiskHub has an enormous potential, especially as at the moment it is one of the biggest credit risk modelling centres in Poland. Its main areas of expertise are: data science, credit risk modelling, risk modelling and risk model validation. Our specialists focus on new ways of implementation of tasks and applications that will facilitate work for the whole ING Group while fulfilling the mission “to make modelling glamorous.”

“ING is dynamically developing the area of risk modelling to face the growing needs of regulators. Starting from the law requirements, through ensuring the quality of data to the talent acquisition on the labour market. Our ambition is to create an innovative community focused on risk and become the top employer on the labour market in Warsaw” – says Paweł Michalik, Head of ING Tech Poland.

Currently the unit in Warsaw employs more than 60 people. It is estimated that by the end of 2019, ING Tech Poland will have 90 specialists on its board in Warsaw and by 2020 the number will grow to 150.  Our headquarter is in Katowice where 980 IT specialists provides services to all ING units worldwide in areas of IT Security, hosting, remote management and application services. From July 2019 we also launched CardsHub, the unit responsible for the whole lifecycle of card transactions for ING, both in terms of providing technologies as well as operational activities.   

Would you like to work at RiskHub? Check out our job offers >>


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