Open data, open minds

On a daily basis, they work in different teams in our company. In their free time, they win hackathons. Do you wonder who it is about?

Agnieszka Grabałowska, Oskar Poprawski and Przemek Danysz, also known as the team ‘Skiller’, won the first prize in the #opendata hackathon organised by the Ministry of Digtal Affairs! The task of the third edition was to create an application that uses public open data. Skiller came up with an app that helps job seekers find vocational courses.

As many as 11 of our employees took part in the event that lasted – yes, that’s right! – a week! They hit on four different ideas that transformed into teams.

This intense week started off with workshops and consultations with mentors on 15 June. On 22 June teams presented their ideas to the jury who was won over by Skiller. Yet it was not the only interesting solution proposed by the teams. Do you wonder what projects were presented by our employees?


Team members: Agnieszka Grabałowska, Oskar Poprawski and Przemek Danysz
Project idea: application users may specify if they are in a group that can have difficulties finding a job: a disabled person, woman, person in their fifties or someone unemployed for a longer period of time. Additionally, there is an option of defining what kinds of trainings are undesirable. The app shows available courses in the neighbourhood along with the contact to event organisers.

Farmer +

Team members: Sebastian Klonowski, Karolina Jama and Michał Grządziel
Project idea: the idea behind the Farmer + app is development of e-services in agricultural sector. The platform facilitates contact between various agricultural authorities and farmers, thus helping in agricultural production. A set of specific features is of especially great importance in determining areas like high water levels, crop spraying, etc. The team came up with functionalities such as sending and monitoring of documents, creating market analysis (e.g. prices on sugar and fruit markets) and map of agricultural equipment.

Application measuring air quality 

Team members: Sebastian Klonowski, Karolina Jama, Wojciech Zajda
Project idea: the team would like to help fight air pollution. Every year 45.000 people die as a result of bad air condition, which amounts to 12% of all deaths in our country. The project aims at identifying places that cause pollution.

Why would the solution be innovative?
- Precision in identifying sources of contamination by showing causes of air pollution.
- Prediction of possible problems.

Application analysing real estate market

Team members: Przemek Danysz, Radosław Zagrobelny, Michał Grządziel
Project idea: Polish society is getting more and more mobile – taking up a position at the far end of country is no longer a problem. On the contrary, it is perceived as a challenge and opening a new chapter in life. A constantly growing number of high ways and fast railways, as well as possibilities of on-line contact with family & friends make it even easier to make a decision to move places. The idea behind an application is to help to make a good decision when looking for a suitable real estate by a set of tailored tools. After an analysis of data gathered through specially designed model and user profile, the programme applies key aspects that helps in finding the answer for the question – can this specific place become one’s new home?

What did the hackathon participants say about the projects and event itself?

1. What was your solution about?

Oskar: During brainstorming session, we came up with an idea that I instantly believed in – not only in the concept itself but also in its realization. Our app can support the unemployed in finding a job position. I could emphasize with app users as during studies I didn’t know myself where I was supposed to look for job, internships or projects that could help me develop my qualifications.

Przemek: I know too well the problem with trainings and job offers subsidised by EU. I’m well aware of the fact how difficult it is to hit the target group, especially if the interested party may find such a course or job. However the experience that Agnieszka has in this area convinced me at the very beginning that it would be the winning idea – in the end it is our own experience that is the mother of the best applications or innovations :)  

2. What are your impressions of the event? 

Oskar: Above all with a view that it is an idea and addressing a specific problem to solve that are key aspects at the initial project life cycle. Also focusing on the way we’re going to present the solution is important. Gaining an experience that it is possible to do research on the problem, create solutions and working infrastructure & backend by using public cloud solutions is invaluable! What is more, the knowledge of mentors was incredible and ensured us that our solution really made sense. I also remember that once, while drinking coffee, we had an inspiring discussion with a guy that turned out to be the CEO Eventory Andrzej Targosz! Later on during one of the lectures, Andrzej mentioned “nice people from Katowice” from the stage. It was such a cool experience!

Aga: It was the workshops with mentors that were of the greatest importance and value for me. They were people with a great knowledge and experience in their areas. Their valuable comments and input helped us to refine our project in every aspect (of course in a way the time allowed for it ;)). Pus, the mood was great! And projects of other teams – there were a few really good among them.   The form of the weekly hackathon was the most interesting aspect for me. The first day was mainly all about working with mentors who encouraged us to create our app and follow the path we chose. Morning workshops on how to prepare projects (and most importantly) how NOT to present made a good impression on me. I think the latter helped us to prepare the perfect presentation that knocked the jury out. Good for them that they were sitting!

Once again, we would like to congratulate „Skiller” on winning the main prize! We are happy that so many of our employees took part in such a prestigious event. It is another confirmation that our people not only like to take part in hackathons, but also know how to win.



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