CRC is a really cool thing

Read the statement of the Corporate Readiness Certificate (CRC) previous edition participant.

Tomasz Wiśniewski, DevOps Engineer at ING Tech Poland

"I learned about the Corporate Readiness Certificate (CRC) program from a colleague who participated in it a year earlier. I decided to sign up, then I passed the entrance exam and made it to the course of my choice "IT Security defence vs attack" run by ING Tech Poland. Now, I can say that CRC is a really cool thing. The subject I chose was quite difficult! Yet, I was already interested in Security, so the course allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and convinced me that the direction in which I am going is really for me. I have also found out how Security is actually used in professional companies. Students and young people in general do not have too many opportunities to see the way things are in such large corporations. At university, we learn technical things, and in reality this is just the beginning. CRC lets you look more broadly at the challenges that await you right after your studies. My colleagues who took part in the subject connected with programming also praise the course very much! The leaders focused on leading the sample project and team work - important skills for a future programmer.

At the very end of the course, the lecturer encouraged us to take a job at ING Tech Poland and his proposal prompted me to apply for a job. And I got it! I think that next year I will also take part in CRC, even though I already have a job in the business. In IT you must always keep up with new technologies and latest trends on the market. There are areas in which I would like to learn more, and already in the previous edition there were courses, which - now I know it, would be very useful for me.

I would definitely recommend the CRC program, not only for the knowledge itself, but also for the possibility of later taking up the job and learning from specialists."

Read more about CRC program here>>


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