Take cards into your hands and join CardsHub - a new unit at ING Tech Poland

CardsHub, the unit responsible for processing card transactions for ING, is another strategic area that is setting up at ING Tech Poland. In the new unit we will not only hire specialists with IT skills, but also project management, business support and development and card operations specialists.

I am very happy that we will be providing new services within ING. We are going beyond IT – to the area of operations, risk modelling and data sciencePaweł Michalik, General Manager at ING Tech Poland.

CardsHub is responsible for the entire lifecycle of payment cards, both in technological and operational scope. The service has been created by ING Bank Śląski for its own needs, however the service proved to be so attractive for the entire ING that it was decided to share it with other ING units. Due to the fact that ING Bank Śląski cannot be a service provider for another ING units, CardsHub will be separated from ING Bank Śląski and included in ING Tech Poland as a shared service.

At the time of starting operations (planned for mid-2019) CardsHub at ING Tech Poland will operate ING Bank Śląski and ING France and ultimately also other ING units, which in their scope have services related to payment cards . Therefore, it is so important for all employees in this area to know English well, the language common for entire ING.

Applications supported in CardsHub are based on JAVA technologies and relational databases. People interested in working in this area should have experience in these technologies. We are also looking for employees for the position of analysts and process as well as automation testers. Additionally, those who would like to work on the operational positions should exhibit accuracy, the ability to make fast decisions and logical thinking.

Agnieszka Gąsowska-Ferdyn, Department Director at ING Bank Śląski: “CardsHub is a very interesting area that combines the finance and IT sectors. It offers great opportunities to broaden the horizons. Thanks to the fact that the service will be carried out for many different countries, everyone who joins us, will work in an interesting, international environment.”

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Take cards into your hands – join us!


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