Szery.f team won IoT(ech) hackathon!

12 hours of intensive work, 12 teams that lasted to finals, 12 thousand zlotys to win –IoT(ech). What a hackathon it was! Such great emotions!

Saturday morning started really intensely. We held an IoT(ech) in our company – a 12-hour hackathon devoted to the technology Internet of Things (IoT) and its application inthe office. The contest was organized for our employees.At 8am sharp we arrived at the reception. We put on very quickly our “coders’” t-shirts and rushed to get the party started! Believe us or not but miracles were happening in our office between 9am and 9pm. We could hear laughter, lively discussions, moans, bursts of joy and applause on the 5th floor, where everybody were sitting.12 teams worked intensively to implement their solutions.In the evening, our teams presented their ideas to the jury, which evaluated them according to 3 criteria: innovation and ingenuity, technical implementation and presentation of the solution. All presented projects were absolutely unique, but the winner could be only one. The jury and audience both agreed that the main prize should go to Szery.f team. What was their solution about?Thanks to the Internet of Things technology used by Szery.f team (Bluetooth Low Energy) we can easily check if we closed our cabinets properly in the office. What is more, we can open it with a fingerprint or a security code!

We are very happy that so many people in our company took an interest in IoT technology. Congratulations to the winning Szery.f team, as well as to all participants of the hackathon. Good job, guys! :)

What do our winners say about the IoT(ech)?
We think that the whole event was really great. Amazing atmosphere, lots of involved/ engaged people with heads full of ideas, very nice and helpful organizers, smiling jury and tasty food  We’re so glad that both the jury and audience appreciated our concept and presentation! We can’t wait for the next hackathon :)

And that’s how Kamil Duda – one of the organizers, commented on the event:
There have been many organizational challenges – both during the six-month preparations of the event and on the very day. We’ve learnt a lot of new things about the organization of such events, because there were so many things to deal with and about which we didn’t think about. Fortunately, on the day of hackathon everything went smoothly. The value of the event is certainly very big! People strongly integrated in teams and definitely learnt a lot. Teams came up with great projects that can be implemented either in their original or slightly modified form. One surprising thing was that some projects were very similar to each other, which may indicate that people want to improve certain things in our office. I was very surprised how much can be done in such a short time and at such a high level! As my colleague, Łukasz Palt said: It was probably the first event of this kind in our company so far and it was our grassroots initiative We’ve achieved something historical and we can be proud of it.


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