ISP at the Agile by Example 2017 conference

On 10 and 11 October the Multikino in Złote Tarasy, Warsaw transformed into a real agile planet! That is because of the Agile by Example 2017 (ABE) conference organized there. For two days, over thirty lecturers from all over the world have been sharing their knowledge and experiences on the agile methodology with participants representing different parts of  the world. 

ING Services Polska was the platinum sponsor of that event. We had helped to organize the Dojo workshops that collected the conference’s participants a day before it started. Our unusual stand attracted the participants who have been invited to prepare their own fruit coctails using Blender Bike. Moreover, the strong ISP representation took part in the event, diving into the vast pool of knowledge about the Agile methodology being implemented at ISP.

The lectures were divided into  sections called: Organization, Kanban, Projects, Team, Transformations, Scrum, Product, People. Everyone was able to choose the topic they were interested in. Beyond the lecture part, “Ask the expert” sessions took place in Multikino. The conference’s participants have been signing up on them during the two-day event. Among the invited experts was Mariusz Sosna, Area Lead at ING Services Polska who has been answering variety of questions from the participants.

“Not so often we have the opportunity to see Alistair Cockburn (one of the Agile Manifesto authors), Dave Snowden (the Cynefin framework creator and a really comprehensive person), Donald Reinertsen (connecting the knowledge of agile methodologies with a strictly economical attitude), Esther Derby (the Scrum alliance founder) or Tom Gilb (engaged in the agile or XP development from its beginning). And these are “barely” the key speakers of the Agile by Example conference, one of the biggest events in the world focused on the agile methodologies.

This year, I had the chance to take part in ABE in much more active way - as one of the experts available for the conference participants. I had an occasion to talk to many people and to listen to the lectures on the newest developments within agile management as well. The main thought I come back with is that we can be very proud of what we have already achieved at ISP within the agile implementation. The scale of changes we are implementing, the courage we are acting with and the real engagement of such many ISP employees is something what most of IT companies in Poland could envy us. I have a deep conviction that next year our employees will be relating on how to successfully work with agile in the big, dynamic and technological advanced company.” – summarizes Mariusz Sosna.

“Agile by Example is one of the best and most recognizable conferences regarding the Agile methodology. High substantive level is ensured by the lecturers - practitioners, consultants, high class specialists including scientists. It determined the biggest value of this two-day event for us. The possibility to talk about concrete examples with people who handle the agile subject matter for years but also just to discuss with scrum masters and agile coaches from another companies – sectors related to banking and totally different as well. We came back with new contacts, answers for many questions and new areas to the further exploration and development.” – the ISP Agile Coaches, Daria Dorda, Zuzanna Bartosz and Marta Buszek summarize unanimously.    

Check out our photo gallery on the Agile by Example conference. 


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