Let's meet. Let's unite

Beautiful weather, amazing atmosphere and a lot of positive energy - that's how we were celebrating the end of summer at the ISP. All under the name of the event "Let's meet. Let's unite".

For the first time we have opened ISP’s door for our employees’ families and their friends. Our office became even more colorful thanks to prepared boards with photos presenting the company’s life events and moments, like the Annual Awards Ceremonies, 24H-CodING hackathon or the charity actions in which ISP employees take part.

We have prepared plenty of attractions for our visitors. The typical office exploration turned into a real scavenger hunt that has pulled in not only the youngest visitors - some of prepared tasks surprised even the long-standing ISP employees ;)

No less surprises have been prepared outside the office. Delicious coffee served by professional baristas, food-trucks and fruit cocktails – all with the rhythmical music around. For children we have also prepared a lot of games and plays, the colorful soap bubbles, candy floss, ice cream and… the “real” lion! Everyone found something for themselves.

How did the participants rate the event? Here are just few opinions:

“My daughter did not want to go home, she liked ISP a lot. She told me that she would like to work here, was amazed by all the attractions, she especially liked the scavenger hunt in the office. Everyone could find something for himself.”

“I was thinking that we would join the event only for a while, that I  would show my family the office and then go back home, but we spent at ISP the whole morning, afternoon and almost evening J. I hope that next year we  will have the  chance to join such event again. Thanks!”

“My children were delighted and did not want to go home, although we came to ISP as first quests and went home past 3 p.m. My son rated the event on the survey by putting 9 stamps with the smiley face and that means a really successful party. Thank you!”

These are our employees’ opinions. Take a look on how this amazing day looked like. It will certainly become one of our regular ISP events.


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