Open Day at ING Services Polska

Many people wonder what an IT job is really about. Those who visited ING Services Polska (ISP) on the Open Day could find out for themselves.

On Tuesday, 24 May, 50 people visited our company to see the world of IT up close. Divided into 7 groups, each guided by an ING Services Polska employee, they explored the scope of ISP operations in detail. The visitors met ISP employees and listened to every team explain what its work involved. They also visited our work stations and relaxation zones :)

The visitors were especially enthusiastic about the meeting with Dominik Sowa, Chief Architect at ING Services Polska, who talked about the competencies of a good IT specialist and technologies of the future. Marta Łukasiewicz and Marta Buszek from the HR Team discussed the recruitment process in our company and explained how to prepare for a job interview.

Besides these job-related items, we had some surprises in store, such as the exhibition of pieces from the Museum of Computer and IT History, and an opportunity to play on old computers and consoles, which not just the visitors, but also ING Services Polska employees found to be quite a treat. “For a moment I felt as if I was 12 again. It was like going back in time,” said Patryk Urbańczyk, Senior IT Specialist at ISP.

It was the first Open Day at ISP, but we know it has not been the last one. The positive reactions of participants proved it was a good day. One of them said, “I'm glad I could be here today. That's exactly what I needed to make sure I'd like to work in a company like this one.”

We would like to thank all the visitors. See you on the next Open Days!

...and this is how our visitors saw themselves “within ISP Frame of Mind:


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