ING Services Polska is a leader in ServiceNow deployment

What does SNUG stand for, how is it related to the ServiceNow platform and how is ING Services Polska involved in this?

SNUG, or ServiceNow User Group, is an informal organisation of ServiceNow clients. It operates in every country where the tool has been deployed and aims not to drive ServiceNow sales or promote the brand, but to enable cooperation and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas between ServiceNow users and clients.

SNUG Polska was established in late 2015, and its leader is Mariusz Sosna, Deputy Director in one of ING Services Polska departments. He acts as an ambassador who helps to arrange SNUG member meetings. The last meeting was held on 24 March this year at the Mariott hotel in Warsaw and was attended by representatives of many large and significant Polish enterprises. The total number of participants was around 50 people.
The primary purpose of such meetings is the exchange of interesting experiences among ServiceNow users to enable individual companies to improve the tool.

Several companies, including ING Services Polska, held their presentations during the event. Mariusz Sosna presented the SNUG members with the CMDB tool used in the company. In short, he discussed how to create a data management process to increase the maturity of ITSM tools. The audience could learn what the CMDB is, what types are available, how to create relations between data, where to acquire it, etc.

“The event was very positively received, and the participants spent practically the whole day discussing. The atmosphere was excellent. We, as a company, can benefit a lot from such events. For now, we can certainly give some thought to applying the ServiceNow to Continuous Delivery processes and deploying modules from outside the Service Management,” – says Mariusz Sosna, ING Services Polska.

After ING Services Polska deployed the ServiceNow at the end of last year, the company has been increasingly perceived not just as another ServiceNow user, but more as an expert in its deployment and management. Therefore it is all the more pleasing that an ING Services Polska representative is a SNUG ambassador.


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