Certification only for the determined

Czesław Gryzik (IT Expert at ING Services Polska) answers a few questions about obtaining the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certificate Master.

Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certificate Master is the highest certification level of Oracle database certificates. In order to obtain it, the candidate must meet several criteria. First of all, it is necessary to have the Oracle Database Certified Professional certificate or the OCM certificate for a previous database version. The candidate is also required to complete two advanced specialist Oracle database courses and pass a two-day practical exam. Due to the complexity of the process, only a handful of professionals have the OCM certificate. There are just several of them in Poland, which gives all the more cause for appreciation that an ING Services Polska’s employee is now among them.


What is unique about the Oracle OCM certificate and why do so few people have it?
“It is the only certificate to verify hands-on expertise in Oracle database administration. The time pressure and the dependencies between subsequent exam stages increase the difficulty level significantly. For some people, the lack of Internet access and the tools available during the exam may pose a kind of a psychological barrier.”

How long did it take you to prepare for the exam? 
“The OCM certificate is mainly the result of my several years of experience in Oracle database administration. While preparing for the exam, I had to take part in one of the two required courses, offered as part of direct exam preparation. Apart from that, I spent less than a week reviewing and verifying some of the less frequently used elements.”

Do you already have plans for another certificate?
“I'm thinking about upgrading this certificate to the latest version (12c) and/or two expert certificates.”

Why are certifications worth having in your opinion?
“The exam preparation process itself allows you to reinforce your knowledge and expand it by learning things you don't encounter so frequently in your everyday work. Of course, certifications also provide confirmation of your skills on the job market, which is not to be ignored.”


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