24H-CodING 2015 Hackathon

43 teams with a total of over 300 developers from around the world took part in this year's hackathon in Bucharest.

24H-CodING 2015 Hackathon attracted not only IT specialists from ING, but also students and developers from outside the Group. For 24 hours participants worked hard implementing their ideas for innovative banking apps and services. The theme of this year's hackathon was to make a tool that would streamline the services of the Next Generation Digital Bank for customers and employees.

The event was hosted in a giant venue which offered plenty of space for coding and featured relaxation zones, where participants could chill out away from the keyboard. The climbing wall, mini ski track and merry-go-round were quite popular. Energy-boosting music and artistic performances were also held throughout the event.

The event could not take place without a team from ING Services Polska (ISP), which included:

Michał Banaś (Senior Designer, DSBIT),
Justyna Ryczek (Designer, DSBIT),
Dorota Nieckarz (Developer, DSBIT),
Piotr Wolny (Developer, DSBIT),
Krzysztof Masny (Designer, DSBIT),
Miłosz Wieczorek (Designer, DSBIT).

Their project - INGPS was an app for collecting and processing beacon information. With the signal emitted by beacons, the exact location of the user and people within the user's reach can be determined. The data collected by the app can be used for creating a map of the building and checking the availability and location of conference rooms and other rooms. The app can also provide directions to a specific point, indicate the people present at a meeting at a specific moment and, in exceptional situations, point out the nearest emergency exit. The app is mainly intended for people working in or visiting large office buildings.

The teams presented the results of their work to ING Group management representatives from around the world, including Magdalena Nowicka, President of ING Services Polska. After long discussions, 4 best projects were selected:

1) PayINGPass – a mobile system for making direct payments, such as parking fees, directly from a bank account using the contactless payment service, with a mobile phone only.
2) Synapse – an app for the disabled (e.g. people with early Parkinson disease), allowing them to make simple banking transactions with... thoughts. The project combines the possibilities of IT and the technology available on the market.
3) Healthy BankING – an app that combines the willingness to save with encouragement for physical activity.
4) PayByHeart – quick and secure payments using the bank account owner's heart rate strap.
The final decision was made by the Jury, which included: Rob Manders (COO Challengers and Growth Countries), Brunon Bartkiewicz (Chief Innovation Officer) and Michał Szczurek (Chief Executive Officer ING Bank Romania). They decided that the main prize, a trip to the Silicon Valley, should go to the PayINGPass team.

“I would like to congratulate the whole ISP team for their great ideas, showing true mettle and perseverance. Taking part in the hackathon is not just an opportunity to test your skills, but also a chance to gain new experience,” – said Magdalena Nowicka, President of the Management Board at ING Services Polska.

And here are the opinions of the participants themselves:

Justyna Ryczek:
“The way the hackathon was organised and carried out surpassed my expectations. It was a great event that involved not just competition, but also team work and experience sharing.I took part in this event, right after I had returned to work after quite a long break(lub >>> , was actually the time I returned to work after quite a long while and I'm glad I did it, despite my fears. Even though we knew each other well as a team, we were faced with a new challenge and had to deal with it under time pressure and completely new circumstances. We all stepped up to it and most importantly, we could count on each other's help while enjoying ourselves for the whole time.”

Dorota Nieckarz:
“I think we played well as a team, which was a great advantage of the event itself. I'm proud that we managed to make a working app that met our requirements.
Despite the effort and the fatigue, I'm sure I'd do it again!”

Michał Banaś:
“We set ourselves a great challenge. We tackled an idea that was interesting yet demanding. And we pulled it off! I'm proud of what we did in such a short time. Even though we didn't win, I think both our idea and the app were at a very high level. Everyone in our team made their own contribution. I'm glad I could be a part of this.
Also, we learnt a lot, which will benefit in the future... It already does!”

Miłosz Wieczorek:
“It was the first time I took part in an event like that and I must admit I was impressed from the start. The atmosphere was excellent and there was a great deal of interesting people and ideas. The whole event was very well organised and featured plenty of attractions to get your mind off the code for a moment.”

Krzysztof Masny:
“Amazing experience! It tested our ability to work as a team, under time pressure and with new technologies. It was also an opportunity to do some networking and meet other IT geeks... And the merry-go-round was great.”

Piotr Wolny:
“It was a well-organised event. The organisers made sure participants could focus entirely on their work, or switch off completely when they felt they needed a pause.
I met a lot of exceptional people with unique ideas, and I'm glad I could implement an idea that would normally never leave paper.


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