ING Services Polska representatives at 600Minutes Executive IT conference

What do running and managing IT have in common? What is the next gen Cyber Security all about?

ING Services Polska representatives at "600Minutes Executive IT" conference - one of the most prestigious ITC conferences in Poland.

120 delegates attended the Executive IT  conference on May 18th 2016 in Warsaw. Among them ING Services Polska delegates who were invited to present two topics. The conference is dedicated to top IT executives and IT solution suppliers. This time it was focused on business development, cyber security and the role of CIO in building competences of the employees. The presenters also showed examples of innovative and successful implementations.

Apart from the presentations there was also time for exchanging experiences and building business relations during panel discussions.

Andrzej Mikołajczak, Business Development Department Director at ING Services Polska talked about  “Professionalisation of IT infrastructure services in global and competitive conditions”. In his presentation he showed functioning of an IT organization as ING Services Polska in comparison to …running. He found numerous analogies between these two topics and proved this perspective to be fascinating for the audience. Thanks to this original approach, the addressees listened carefully about the importance of professional and standardized services in the IT company. What is more, the participants of the conference expressed true appreciation of the fact that over 2 years ago ING Services Polska had implemented Private Cloud. Many companies still have it in their plans.

Przemysław Wolek,  Head of Global Security Operations Centre at ING Services Polska gave a speech on “Challenges in building next generation Cyber Security Operations”. His presentation concentrated around 4 aspects: business, people, processes and technologies, providing the audience with guidelines and plenty of useful tips. Przemek presented the global scope of ING Services Polska within the area of security, he also talked about cybercrime and the threats present organizations deal with on a daily basis.  His presentation was very well received and triggered some stimulating debates during the discussion panels. Hence it is important to underline that ING Services Polska takes part in building awareness on IT security among the representatives of various businesses of the Polish market.

Executive IT is a prestigious event, organized annually, exclusively for the ITC top managers of the biggest companies in Poland. Therefore participation of ING Services Polska is a great nobility.  Andrzej Mikołajczak and Przemysław Wolek presented ING Services Polska among representatives of companies such as: PZU S.A., Tauron Polska Energia, AmRest Holdings SE, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, Tarczyński S.A., Grupa Aforti Holding S.A.

"I am proud that ING Services Polska received the invitation to this prestigious event, as 600Minutes Executive IT definitely is. It was a great occasion to present our accomplishments and share the experiences and knowledge we have gathered over the years. Countless discussions after the conference prove that ING Services Polska is recognizable in the market and the projects we work on are sought after among the major entrepreneurs in Poland. I hope next year we will have another opportunity to share our new achievements.” says Magdalena Nowicka, the President of ING Services Polska.

"600Minutes is an event that gathers top IT management. Many sectors of the Polish market were represented: banks, financial institutions, food, heavy, fuel or energy industries,  telecom and many others. It wasn’t easy to get through to this versatile audience and make them interested in my topic, that‘s why I was talking about running. Using this farfetched analogy I presented various aspects of IT infrastructure management and maintenance. I based my speech on guidelines and best practices worked out at ING Services Polska.” sums up Andrzej Mikołajczak.  “The feedback I received after the presentation shows the high level of maturity and proficiency we have achieved at ING Services Polska is a dream for IT units in other companies. The colleagues from the financial sector expressed their appreciation on our accomplishments in the last few years. It was really great to listen to all that!”. – adds Andrzej Mikołajczak.

"Interesting conference that gave us the opportunity to compare ING to the IT market in Poland. It was an occasion to present our undertakings and successes we have been working on for the last few years. It seems that the pace of development at ING Services Polska is much faster than the pace at other organizations. This certainly is motivating and inspiring for working on new developments. – said Przemysław Wolek.


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