HackSilesia#2 - 24h-coding event in Katowice

Only 24 hours – it was the time the participants of the second edition of HackSilesia hackathon could dedicate to create applications that would support local social organizations.

During this time they worked on the concept, programmed the app, designed the graphics and implemented final application ready to use. The event started on Friday, February 19th and gathered 50 programming enthusiasts.

ING Services Polska was the main sponsor of HackSilesia#2. One of our employees, Michał Banaś, Senior Programmer at ING Services Polska took on the role of a mentor, who supported the contestants  with his expertise during the whole event. Michał is a  true hackathon veteran, therefore his advice was openly welcomed by the competing teams.

After 24 hours of exhausting work and presenting all the projects, the jury, including department Deputy Director at ISP Krzysztof Król, arrived at the final decision.

The winning team prepared an application called InfoSMOG. Thanks to that solution schools, kindergartens and social organizations can easily be informed about exceeding the permissible limits of air pollution. The team has also prepared ‘info kiosk”, a type of screen installed in public places that displays the webpage with all the information, the team also designed widgets to be integrated with other webpages. All the information about the exceeded limits of air pollution is sent via email and sms in a blink of an eye - right after the limits are exceeded. Then, when the air factors come back to the accepted levels, the message is sent again.

The second application recognized by the jury was PADWA. It is a system supporting searching for lost people or belongings. EASY RIDER -  mobile application for cyclists, was awarded the third place. The jury has additionally honoured three other apps: Znajdź mnie,, Breathwork.

"The event was a true success. Lots of positive energy and excellent ideas. The main idea behind HackSilesia was that the presented projects are to support non-government organizations. I hope at least some of them will be implemented and bring the expected results.” says Michał Banaś, Senior Programmer at ING Services Polska.

Photo: Emilia Chrobok 


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