Docker Day at ING Services Polska

Docker Day conference at ING Services Polska took place on 16 December at ING Services Polska headquarters in Katowice. 

Over 80 guests participated in the lectures given by Dominik Sowa and Dawid Stysiak representing Business Development Department at ISP and the special guest speaker, Docker technology expert - Michael Hausenblas, developer and Cloud Advocate Memosphere.

The main idea of the event was to present new technologies that are used by innovative IT companies and to share knowledge and contacts among IT experts.

The agenda of the event was addressed to IT managers, practitioners and enthusiasts of new technologies who are connected with labor market of the Silesian voivodship and the neighbouring areas.

The topics of the presentations mainly focused on:
- the idea of the Docker platform
- the tools used for managing Docker-based clusters
- applications based on micro-service architecture
- solutions incorporated in Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery model

After the lectures the participants had a chance to take part if the practical lab workshops, prepared for two levels of experience.

The lab for the beginners concentrated on Docker’s basic functionalities. For more advanced quests, who had already had some knowledge about the containers, ISP prepared two stations presenting Kubernetes and tasks to share the knowledge on managing more complex container structures.

Conference presentations:

Microservices, Dominik Sowa,Chief Architect at ING Services Polska
Mesos/Marathon, Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate Mesosphere
Klaster kubernetes - case study, Dawid Stysiak, Lead Architect at ING Services Polska
Docker Security, Michael Hausenblas, Developer and Cloud Advocate Mesosphere


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