Docker Day by ING Services Polska

Docker Day by ING Services Polska conference will be held on 16 December 2015, in GPP Business Park in Katowice, ul. Konduktorska 33.

About Docker Technology

Docker is a platform that is devoted to programmers and administrators and also allows to build, distribute and run applications. This technology enables to build software from components and eliminate problems that are connected with its distribution. Docker facilitates the introduction of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes to SDLC process.

Conference description

The main aim of Docker Day by ING Services Polska conference is to present new technologies that are used by innovative IT companies. Lectures are addressed to IT managers, practitioners and enthusiast of new technologies who are connected with labor market of the Silesian voivodship.

The meeting will be an opportunity to share knowledge and contacts among IT experts.

The participants of the conference will be familiarized with the following topics:

  • What is Docker platform?
  • Which tools are used for managing Docker-based clusters?
  • How does application based on microservice architecture look like?
  • What solutions are incorporated in Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery model?


The conference will feature Docker expert, Michael Hausenblas as a keynote speaker.  

Organizational matters & the conference agenda are available here>>


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