Cybercrime 2015 workshops

Cybercrime 2015 workshops organized by one of the top nationwide Polish daily newspapers took place in Warsaw on 7-8 October. The objective of the workshops was to share knowledge on how to secure the infrastructure against any potential cyber attacks. The organizer invited cybercrime experts from top Polish companies so that the participants would act efficiently and quickly in case of any attack. Krzysztof Cudak (ING Services Polska) presented the financial and brand image consequences of cyber attacks.

Every hour there are over 100 cyber attacks on companies, meaning the number grew by 50% in comparison to last year! Cyber attacks are getting more and more common that is why it is so important to raise cybercrime awareness within the business environment. 

The Cybercrime 2015 workshops focused on new techniques and cyber attack approaches in use by cybercriminals, planning and implementation of security polices, risk assessment, software and hardware security solutions.

In his presentation, Krzysztof Cudak shared knowledge of both what information should be distributed in case of a hacker attack and the way it should be announced. Building the sense of control was in focus of Krzysztof’s presentation as well. 

"I am positive about the Cybercrime 2015 workshops. I think that raising security awareness in business environment is of utter importance. The workshop programme drew my attention and I considered it meaningful and interesting at the same time. That is why I was glad to be a presenter and an active participant at the same time.”, says Krzysztof Cudak.

The conference covered a wide variety of topics. Krzysztof admitted that he had a chance to gain the latest updates on cyber attacks targeting production systems or legal responsibility in case of a cyber attack. In his presentation, Krzysztof explained how to, for example, insure oneself against a cyber attack by purchasing a suitable insurance policy. 

"Cyber attacks are getting more and more common. Apparently, people are interested in taking proper steps in case of a cyber attack. That is why the conference was so popular with the participants who were willing to take the opportunity and ask a lot of questions. Even if the answer was not given on the spot, they had a chance to make a reference to their problem during a workshop or behind the scenes.”, says Krzysztof Cudak.


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