Cookies policy

  1. Site does not automatically collect information, except for information included in cookie files.
  2. Cookie files comprise computer data, in particular text files that are kept in Service User`s Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) / terminal unit and are intended to use Service`s websites. Cookie files usually contain name of the website from which they come, time of storing them on the terminal and the unique number.
  3. The subject responsible for placing on User`s terminal unit cookie files and responsible for gaining acces to them is operator of the Service: ING Business Shared Services B.V. sp. z o.o. oddział w Polsce with the registered office at the address: ul. Owsiana 66, 40-780 Katowice.
  4. Cookie files are used in order to:
    1. customise content of the Service`s websites and optimise using them; in particular these files help recognise Service User`s device and show customised site correctly;
    2. create statistics that help understand how Service Users use the sites, what enables improvement of structure and content;
  5. As part of the Service, two basic types of cookie files are applied:
    1. "session" (session cookies) - are temporary files kept in the User`s terminal unit until he logs out, leaves website or turns off the software (browser)
    2. "permanent" (persistent cookies) - are kept in the User`s terminal unit by the time set in cookie files parameters or until the User deletes them.
  6. As part of the Service, the following types of cookie files are applied:
    1. "functional" cookie files, enabling the "remember" and/or "fitting" settings chosen by the User and personalization of the User`s interface, e.g. in the chosen language or region from which the User comes, font size, appearance of a website etc.;
    2. cookie files, enabling collection of information concerning way of using Service`s websites.
  7. In many cases software used to browse web sites (browser) allows keeping cookie files in the User`s terminal unit by default. Service Users can change cookie files settings any time. These settings can be changed particularly in order to block automatic cookie service in the browser or to inform about their every appearance in the Service User`s device. Specific information about the possibility and ways of operating cookie files are available in software settings (browser).
    1. Internet Explorer
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Google Chrome
    4. Opera
  8. In order to create statistics the Service uses Google Analytics. If you want to turn the information transfer off for this service you can use free Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
  9. The Service operator announces that restriction of the use of cookie files can influence some functionalities available on Service`s websites.
  10. More information about cookie files are available here: http:/ or in "Help" section in browser menu.
  11. In case of any questions please contact us:
  12. All changes to regulations of the privacy policy will be announced through the changes to this text.

Date of the last update: 26.03.2013r.

Important: this site uses cookie files.

We use information saved in cookie files, among others, in statistical purposes and in order to fit the service to individual needs of the user. In your browser you can change your cookie files settings. Using the site without changing cookie files settings means they will be saved in device memory. More information with tips how to change settings can be found in Cookies policy.

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